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One processed yogurt a day keeps the blood sugar saying "yay"!

Posted on 8 September, 2013 at 12:10
I tell my patients all the time to read labels and really know what you are putting into your body. Everyone thinks they are being "healthy" when they eat sugar-laden yogurt daily because it has healthy bacteria in it. Remember that you are eating "marketing" food and that when the label is saying "healthy probiotics" or "additional omega 3's" added or "gluten-free" or "organic", they are trying to reach the naive consumer who only knows what is trendy today. Become a smart consumer and be mindful that this is what the marketing companies are trying to do to you....fool you into thinking you are eating smarter and "healthier" when you are choosing those foods. To determine how many teaspoons of sugar you are eating in 1 small yogurt, just divide the grams of sugar by 4. For example, in one brand of yogurt (not naming any names), a 125 g container has 17 g of sugar, that is 4.25 tsp of sugar! That's a lot of sugar seeing that a 750 g of original yogurt contains 5 g of sugar (which is like 1.25 tsp of sugar per 125 g). There is still sugar, but you are consuming the better version of the two when you compare. Therefore, read all labels and always pick the version that makes sense to you (low in sugar, no processed chemicals such as aspartame, and a simple list of items on the ingredients list). When you begin to start reading your labels, you will start to ask yourself "why the heck are they adding 'x' to this product?" For example, when you are buying frozen vegetables, make sure that the ingredient is just frozen vegetables. You will be bewildered to see that wheat is added to some of your frozen vegetables, and even sugar! Your eyes will open and you will realize that all this time, you had no idea what additional things were going into your body when you were buying those items.

Here is a brief video showing you about some items when navigating through a grocery store:

Happy shopping and healthy eating!
Much love,
Dr. K :)

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