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Naturopathic Medicine‚Äč

Naturopathic medicine treats the whole body by stimulating the body's innate ability to heal itself. 

A Naturopathic doctor is often considered the gate keeper of the health care system, meaning the entry point to various other services related to the health of the patient. Many times, patients see a Naturopathic doctor when it is their last resort or they feel that the medical system can no longer help the in their healing journey. Because of the unique ability of Naturopathic doctors to spend more time with a patient and be detectives in identifying the root cause of imbalances in the whole body, they are able to identify the connection between the physical, mental, and spiritual component of their imbalance. If any serious or life-threatening conditions are identified then prompt referrals can be made. As more and more people are diagnosed with chronic diseases in our society, Naturopathic doctors who offer expertise and skill in lifestyle changes, preventative measures and chronic management, are becoming crucially important in patient care.

It is Dr. Aliya's intention to assist people of all ages to realize their health goals through understanding their specific symptom patterns and further assessment using clinical skills, physical exam and possible further diagnostic markers like blood testing, urinary heavy metal testing, salivary hormone testing and hair analysis.

Dr. Aliya believes in a complementary approach to healthcare. Since being a patient of mainstream medicine since the age of 3 and working in a walk-in medical clinic back in 2009, she understands and emphasizes the importance of working with medical doctors and maintaining open lines of communication. Only this way, can total health be re-established and maintained. 

Education of a Naturopathic Doctor

Accredited schools of naturopathic medicine offer more than 4500 hours of classroom training and 1500 hours of supervised, clinical experience, during a four year, full-time program after an undergraduate degree. The naturopathic program consists of coursework, comparable to conventional medical curricula. Following graduation from an accredited college of naturopathic medicine, a naturopathic doctor must write the North American Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination and provincial board exams before being granted licensure.

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